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and innovating solutions 


We will connect  our customers with the reduction of the footprint of human consumption  Thus mitigating the effects of the ANTHROPOCENE ERA

We share the passion and the opportunity to materialize ideas.  we take these ideas to the next level

We merge expertise with ingenuity.  We germinate in technology solutions  clean  sustainable  

We raise the value of the investment and the value of our planet as a living space

This realization grows with satisfaction each year  


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My story   - Being - Feeling - Thinking - Communicating - Doing - Serving

The history of VERDESOSTENIBLE originates as the entrepreneurship of its Founder Manuel Alejandro Chaparro Guerra, in October 2014, dormant for many years. After more than three decades of professional expertise in large engineering projects. I have been reborn, In six arduous initial years we traveled the path of carefully integrating and assembling the combination of NEED, SCARCE, OPPORTUNITY – to reach the essential: BEING CREATION OF VALUE, contributing Talent, ingenuity and ability to implement. Focused on improving the conditions and quality of life of people towards Sustainable Development. Uniting each link resulted in what today would be my genuine destiny: TO BE to SERVE  

Our essence: Innovate - Develop - Implement VALUE & SERVE  

  The essence of our entrepreneurship "Startup" is based on the  skills of our human team acting as AGENTS OF REGENERATIVE CHANGE inspired by  passion towards:  attitude, talent, skills, knowledge and how to approach problems with  the ability to materialize Requirements with Results. We start from necessity. Investigating the best options of aligned MATERIALS METHODS TECHNIQUES EQUIPMENT  to a new approach:  provide acceptable levels  of ecological transformation,  transferring mitigation, recovery, regeneration and restoration capabilities  in quality of life and  environment using methods,  sustainable construction materials and techniques.  Aiming at the achievement of reduction of the  effects of climate change,  the detriment of  environment based on the 17 objectives of the  SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. A) Yes  We move forward by adding to our portfolio the following lines of  basic business



  •   Manufacture of PTAR HYDROCLEAR  MBBR  . To treat domestic wastewater or reuse

  •   Manufacture of HYDROCLEAR WaterHarvest equipment. To treat and store reused rainwater

  •   Development and installation of turnkey systems for EFFICIENT WATER TREATMENT and REUSE  




  • GEOPOLYMER developments  GEOCretos cementitious substitutes for polluting Portland cement. 

  • Production of   CLC Cellular Concrete.  Green concrete foams  ZERO ENERGY construction

  • GEOcretos Light Aggregates supply services  Raw material in the production of CLC   

  • Comprehensive projects Design and construction of buildings SUSTAINABLE GREEN ENVELOPES


Imagen MACHG 2022_edited.jpg

Manuel Alejandro Chaparro Guerra

Green & Sustainability Senior Project Manager

Founding Partner - Owner 

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